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This is a non-profit, Addiction Recovery website, with 90 pages of Drug Addiction Recovery Info and Resources, including many pictures and videos & FREE downloads throughout!

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Music/Entertainment: Roy Orbison
Featuring Roy Orbison\'s \"Black & White Night\" at the LA CopaCabana filmed Sept. 30, 1987, about a year before he died!

CounselorDave's Published Articles
Published Addiction Recovery Internet Recovery Articles for FREE download and to use conditionally...

Addiction Recovery Guide
21 Page, Step-by-Step guide to 12-Step, Self-Help, Recovery from Addiction.

Entertainment/Music: Playing For Change
Play for Change/Peace thru Music Is dedicated to connecting the world thru music by providing resources (including but not limited to facilities, supplies, and educational programs) to musicians and their communities around the world!

Political Commentary
My view of Current Politics with Info and Links to expand the View!

The Drugs, Individually
Descriptions of individual drugs with effects, dangers Recovery Help. Included: Meth, Cocaine, Herion and many more...

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About CounselorDave
Brief Bio of David R Carroll, CADCA, Retired

Acceptance + Snippets of Info
Introduction to the \"Disease\" of Addiction... Scroll down...

The 12-Step Concept
Summation of the founding of the 12-Step Program, Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Addictive Brain
Video introduction to addiction brain science + more...

How It Works
EMail form to contact CounselorDave... Recovery & Internet Info...

The 12 Steps
The 12 Steps to sobriety as conceived by Bill Wilson & Dr. Bob Smith, founders of AA.

The 12 Traditions
The 12 traditions of the 12 step concept of self-help for recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction & more...

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An assortment of Internet articles of various subjects...

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AWM Links Page
Many \"links\" to various Internet sites with a menagerie of topics...

The House of David
CounselorDave\'s Sober Living Home, \"The House of David\"... Pics & Info...

Dr. Nora Volkow, NIDA, Director
Dr. Volkow Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse clears up many misconceptions about addiction in a 4 part video...

My Ebook Sample
3 Page sample of the Counselor\'s FREE EBook, \"Addiction: Why Me?\"

Internet Shopping
Shop EBay, Amazon, and more right from our Recovery Site...

Results of Meth Addiction
Pictures of the appalling physical damage done in a considerably brief amount of time. (GRAPHIC head-shots)

Neurotransmitters: The Key
Pictures with descriptions of the relationship between neurotransmitters and addiction, \"The Disease!\"

Cognitive Behavioral Theory
A description of the relationship between behavior\'s effect on the mind & the mind\'s effect on behavior... how it is used in treatment...

Pictures of Drugs
An assortment of pictures of the most commonly abused drugs...

Bill Wilson's Story
From the AA Big Book the author and founder, Bill Wilson's story (3 pages)!

The foundation of 12-step, self-help recovery. From Jesus to Christ from PBS!

Veteran's Memorial
A page dedicated to the Veteran\'s of the United States of America\'s military service...

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Disease of Addiction...

10 Addiction Educational Videos
An assortment of 10 informative, educational videos related to the Disease of Addiction...

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