Judo Pants and Uniforms for Jujitsu, Judo, Yudo, and other grappling martial arts.

Judo Pants | Judo Uniforms

BASIC Judo Pants [KWON-2025140] - $21.99
myKarateStore.com BASIC Judo Pants- Medium weight Judo pants made of 100% cotton with double layer of cross stitch quilting over knees. The modern competition style with elastic waistband and additional drawstring ensures a very good fit with no slip.

Black Judo Uniform / Jujitsu Uniform- $37.99
Black Judo Uniform/Jujitsu Uniform- Tiger Claw's latest addition to our Jujitsu uniform line- designed by U.S. Olympic coach Willy Cahill. This Cahill single weave black Jujitsu uniform made of the finest 100% natural cotton fabric. The tops are designed with the traditional rice-grain weave. The pants have an elastic waist and padded knees.

Blue Double Weave Cahill Judo Uniform- $94.99
Blue Double Weave Cahill Judo Uniform - Cahill's Double Weave Competition Judo Blue Uniform. Blue with shoulder stripe. It is designed by Olympic Judo Coach Willy Cahill. The draw-string pants has a two-ply construction on the front side running almost its entire length from the thigh to the cuff. Stronger stitching methods are used where it counts.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Uniform- $89.99 : myKarateStore.com, Discount Martial Arts Supplies & Equipment
myKarateStore.com Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Uniform [KWON-1340150] - Affordable and eye-catching Jiu Jitsu uniform for all Martial Artists who are seriously looking into this fascinating sport. Double weave one-piece jacket with superb detail finish and reinforcements throughout the uniform. Special Jiu Jitsu cut is tighter than regular Judo gis but still provides great freedom of movement. Jiu Jitsu shoulder stripe.

ECONOMY Judo Uniform- $54.99 : myKarateStore.com, Discount Martial Arts Supplies & Equipment
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