What is your reading lifestyle? Questions to think about and answer mentally.

What is your reading \"lifestyle\"? This survey contains a variety of questions.

Do you subscribe to any of the following reading materials?
newspaper? magazine? email? newsletter? book club? ezine? Ebook? Online course? Other?

Give your opinion about Super KidBoard CD.
Super Kidboard is a PowerPoint presentation containing more than 30 learning activities. It can be purchased at Amazon and at and at CafePress. Review it by taking this survey.

Sign up for a free K-3, Math CD ROM, \"Cool Quiz.\"
A research project is underway and child participants (also, homeschoolers) are sought to receive a free, educational CD ROM. After several months, they will be asked to take an online math assessment or survey. Visit http://www.educationproducttesters.ning.com to learn more.