Good News For Smokers Who Can’t Stop Smoking

Smokers should not lose hope. According to Jane Fielder, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner NLP Coach and Trainer, hypnotherapy has been proven to cure smoking addiction. Apart from that, the said procedure is also an effective cure for other conditions such as anxieties, phobias, fears, alcohol reduction and pain control. Jane Fielder’s Quit Smoking Breakthrough Program enables patients to ‘let go of smoking’ easily through the power of hypnosis. “My goal is to provide you with all the tools you need to be a non-smoker in all situations, to be empowered and gain health and vitality,” says Ms. Fielder. A lot of patients who have undergone hypnotherapy stop smoking Adelaide and who are now healed have proudly spoken in public. They could not believe their cravings to smoke have stopped. Astoundingly, they are now leading normal and healthy lives again. What is hypnotherapy and how does it actually work? Hypnotherapy Adelaide has been scientifically proven to be effective in creating a modification in certain behaviours that are often recurring. Apart from anxieties, phobias, fears, depression, such repetitive behaviours include stress management, health and wellness, motivation and unwanted habits. Hypnotherapy SA, a naturally-occurring state is performed by a licensed and trained therapist. It is done by putting the subject on a half-conscious mode where his mind is totally open to receive suggestions which are expected to create an impact like having a positive change in his behaviour. When these suggestions are constantly repeated, the subject would naturally do as instructed. However, treatment is not instant. The patient has to undergo several sessions and requires a great deal of time, resources and self-discipline. Today, there is a massive campaign around the world for a smoke-free environment. Advocates are aggressively pushing their respective governments for the strengthening of anti-smoking policies and enforcement of strict implementation of such. Children who have been made aware of the hazards of smoking have been encouraged to tell their parents and grandparents to quit smoking if they still want to live longer. In her website,, Ms. Fielder stresses this advice to those who are willing to undergo a quit smoking hypnotherapy Adelaide: *Be faithful in attending your booked sessions *Carry out the self-hypnosis techniques *Take time to listen to any take home CDs *Take a hundred percent responsibility for your desired outcome in being a non-smoker in allsituations. *Focus on what you really want. Jane Fielder is a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her website is a library of knowledge about how to’s -- improving your health, overcoming fears and phobias, better sleep, getting motivation, living healthy normal lives and many more. Take control of your life. Get help from hypnotherapy stop smoking. “Quit smoking now. Ask me how”, Jane Fielder finally says.