Life Before the Computers

Life is so much different before computer has given a rise. The internet has changed people's lives enormously that most of our daily tasks happen to rely on it. From entertainment to business, technology has played a vital role on each aspect. Thus, it became a commodity not just in our individual lives but to the community as a whole. Before, a computer is composed of an entire building. Numbers of people should work to operate the computer. After few decades, the entire building of computer was compressed and was made handy. With that little span of time, it changed the lives of billions of people around the globe. Now, let's try to define these terms: memory, application, program, cursor, keyboard, web, virus, hard drive, mouse, and mouse pad. A MEMORY is something that you lost with age. Before, memory was defined as something our brains have kept along with our experiences. Nowadays, when you say memory, you need first to clarify what is it referring to - the computer's or the human's. An APPLICATION was for employment. If you are trying to get a job then you should go over a process called application. Yet, today, it can also refer to computer software used to perform different tasks. Common examples of computer applications are word processors, image editors, web portals or browsers, etc. A PROGRAM was a TV show. A program was a TV channel or an event. Yet, nowadays, it can also refer to computer program. It is a sequence of instructions used for computers to interpret and execute commands. A KEYBOARD was a piano. Originally, it was a piano, yet today it also refers to another input device of a computer. Computer savvy knows very well what the function of a keyboard is. For descriptive purposes, a keyboard is composed of alphanumeric characters for encoding and command purposes. A WEB was a spider's home. A spider is an amazing insect capable of making its own home. Technically, a web is also referred to a web browser. It is a software application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web (WWW). Apparently, both have distinct purposes. Yet, they coincide in the idea of the World Wide Web connecting people around the globe. The World Wide Web is also considered a strong vessel to find different professionals. Through this method alone, you can find the best entrepreneur, programmer or a licensed professional who can perform hypnotherapy SA. A VIRUS was the flu. A virus is always a predicament for both human body and computers. For computers, virus is also a program designed to damage the functions of another computer program. Yet, it also has a cure called antivirus. A HARD DRIVE was a long trip on the road. When you're stuck on the traffic then you're having a hard drive. But a hard drive could also mean a hard disk drive or data storage device used in a computer. A MOUSE is an animal and a MOUSE PAD was where a mouse lived. It's also hard to guess how a mouse becomes a computer input device. A mouse can be a pest roaming around the house or could be a helping tool used in a computer. And of course, when there should also be a mouse pad where you place your mouse. Hypnotherapy Adelaide explained that the human brain has radical functions. In order for the brain to retain fresh information, it should be concurrent to an existing concept or idea. Thus, for easier recognition, computer terms were cued after identical existing ideas.