Yes, Dracula Was Real - Facts About the Real Dracula

Even to this day, Dracula is still recognised as one of the most popular supernatural beings ever known. But come to think of it, do you know where and how the story originated? Well, history has substantial evidence that he was real and very much alive during the early 13th century. Of course you know that he's a vampire, he hunts for blood and according to the tale, he can only be killed by driving a stake through his heart. But those are just derived from Bram Stoker's novel. The real Dracula is more sinister than you think; his real name is Prince Vlad Dracula III of Wallachia. #1 Dracula loves to dip his bread in blood Being a prince has its perks and one of them is dining in the royal hall with your favourite bread dipped in fresh blood. Yes, the real Dracula loves blood too but drinks it in a more mannered style. So where does he get his fresh supply of blood? Easy, he kills his guests at dinner time. #2 Dracula means 'Son of the Dragon' The name Dracula didn't originate from the novel, it was Prince Dracul's patronymic name which means 'son of the dragon' (Dracul is Romanian for dragon). Other historians also translate it as 'son of the devil' since Dracula had the reputation of killing everybody. #3 Dracula's favourite past time is impaling people In most of his movies, it is explained that Dracula can be killed by driving a stake through his heart. But according to history, it goes the other way around. Turns out, Dracula loved impaling people. In fact, that was his kingdom's punishment for any committed crime, big or small. #4 Dracula's other hobbies aside from impaling people As they say, there is always an exception. Prince Dracul also found amusement and humour in skinning and boiling people alive. On one account, his guards caught a gypsy stealing, instead of impaling him, he boiled the man and forced the other gypsies to eat him. #5 Dracula's answer to poverty One day, Dracula thought of an answer to poverty - burn all the poor. So he invited all the sick and vagrants to a feast (Dracula inviting you to a feast means you're dead). After the people had eaten their fill, Dracula excused himself and he burned the place to the ground. #6 Dracula didn't take losing lightly When the Turks invaded Prince Dracul's land, they were forced to retreat because they were outnumbered. The prince would never accept defeat. He burned all the villages and poisoned his wells killing his villagers just so the Turks wouldn't have a place to rest. #7 Dracula's body disappeared The invasion eventually pushed Dracul into a dead end. So most of his soldiers switched sides (this was understandable). Some say Dracul was killed in the battlefield and his body was sent to the Sultan. Others say he disappeared (probably practicing Hypnotherapy Adelaide somewhere). #8 Dracula 'the Impaler' It's no wonder that even after centuries from his death, Dracula's legacy still remains alive. Historians say he killed about 100,000 people and that's why he's dubbed as Vlad Tepes (Romanian) or Vlad 'the Impaler'. Thinking about it, novel-Dracula is a much gentler version of the real-Dracula. At least novel-Dracula can only do you harm through hypnotherapy Adelaide or biting your neck (which is kind of sexier than impalement). Don't you think?