What Happened Last Night? - Best Hangover Cures

Saturday night, concert after-party, clubbing - all that matters is your having fun with the booze. Yes, we love drinking BUT we hate hangovers. After a night of alcohol abuse, we always turn to remedies the next morning to make us feel better. Check out some of the best hangover cures. #1 Tripe Soup For Eastern European countries, nothing beats 'Tripe Soup' in curing hang over maladies. The soup is made from digestive parts of pigs and cows. Aside from providing sodium and liquid that the 'hung-over' body craves, it's highly nutritious. Tripe soup is rich in high levels of fatty acids and proteins. It's highly regarded for its hangover fighting qualities. #2 Prairie Oyster In the US, a night of heavy drinking means a morning of heavy headache. Unless, you want to call in sick for work, a shot of Prairie Oyster is what you need. It's a cocktail of raw eggs, Worcestershire sauce, drops of vinegar, Tabasco sauce and a dash of salt and pepper. Don't forget to follow it up with lots and lots of water. #3 Canada Dry A famous hangover relief in Canada can easily be found in convenience stores. The ginger ale beverage popularly known as 'Canada Dry' has become a favourite hangover relief for locals. The soda drink is also good in masking the harsh flavours of alcohol and it soothes extreme hang over thirst. #4 Rassol and Nikolashka Russians also have their fair share of hang over remedies. One is the homemade broth called 'Rassol'. It's made from the liquid of various pickled foods mixed with salt and spices. For a no-cook remedy, they go for Nikolashka. It's a slice of lemon sprinkled with sugar and coffee ground, swallowed in one bite. #5 Greasy Breakfast Most Australians go for Hypnotherapy Adelaide sessions to reduce their alcohol intake and prevent hangovers. But for those who don't, curing a hangover is just eating a greasy breakfast. According to a survey, a quarter of Australia battles dreaded hangover discomforts through milkshakes, eggs, bacon and banana. #6 Rollmops Katzenjammer - the German term for hangover. Thankfully, the cure is easier to pronounce. The traditional Rollmops are famous in Germany for curing hangover symptoms. It's a fillet of pickled herring rolled and filled with pickled vegetables. After eating rollmops, it is also recommended to eat bananas to provide sugar and potassium. #7 More Alcohol The British are known to be the binge drinkers of Europe. For them preventing hangover is easy, it's to drink more alcohol the next day. Researchers explain that hangover is caused by metabolism of methanol. By drinking ethanol, you slow down metabolism of methanol. But soon enough you'll require hypnotherapy SA because you can't stop.