Filipino Food : Cook Your Own Exotic Philippine Cuisine Now

Filipino Food Every cuisine has its own exotic taste. The British has their jellied eel. Koreans have their live octopus. Escargot is a French delicacy. How about Philippine cuisine? Have you tried one of these? Balut (developing duck embryo) Kamaro (sautéed mole cricket) Fish kinilaw cooked in vinegar Tinolang tugac (frog) Burong isda (fermemted rice and fish) Betute (frog stuffed with minced pork) Most foreigners dismiss exotic foods They don't know they're delicious, . . definitely worth trying! Words are hard to express Sight is hard to fathom But the taste . . is beyond appetizing! Eliminate the misconceptions Tasted these exotic dishes NOW! Experience your exotic Philippine cuisine Visit today Visit Our Blogs Filipino Food Philippine Cuisine Exotic Food Recipe Exotic Food Dish Exotic Food Restaurant kinds of exotic foods different kinds of exotic foods