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What to expect in 2008
The Lizard editors offer their predictions for the year ahead by Dominic Hilton, Marc Sidwell & A S H Smyth Monday, January 7, 2008 Dominic Hilton writes: In 2008, the global financial market will be neither a bull nor a bear. It will be a vole.

The rudiments of sledging
Lizard Editorial by A S H Smyth The Lizard has a certain amount of sympathy for India’s cricketers, sitting in their hotel rooms, after Indian cricket’s governing body withdrew the team from their test series against Australia after spinner Harbhajan Singh was suspended for three matches after he allegedly called Andrew Symonds a ‘monkey’.

Men: Time to Rebrand Ourselves
Girls just want to have fun? Men can help you with that. Marc Sidwell is Not Joking Some have taken the opportunity to ask, “Are men past their sell-by date?” The answer, of course, is no: we just smell that way because we haven’t washed in a while.

Top 10 Trannies on Screen
by A S H Smyth A list of cross-dressers, drag-queens and transsexuals, including (in the spirit of inclusiveness) two major religious figures and one Prime Minister of Israel.

Allez Sarko!
Carla Bruni is no different than Nixon's dog. by Dominic Hilton