Breast Cancer Story

Full feelings and emotions of how i truley felt from the day that the doctor told me I had breast cancer. This is the story of the laughter that was created from the breast cancer, my heroes, my partner of 5 yrs, my family and my friends.

My Story
This Story is written to thank everyone for all there kind words, support and comfort in a time that it was most needed I will cherish this and hopefully be able to pass it on to others who follow in my path. I have learnt that Life is Precious; I have traveled and am still traveling a very long journey I never thought I would have to make. It has made me a stronger person and led me to be the person that I am today.

First Chemo
Well here at long last! The day has arrived for my first chemo. I must admit these last couples of weeks have not been easy; I have had good days and I have had some low days, but overall the good have outweighed the bad considerably. The positive thoughts have come to the front of my mind more and more, which in turn has left very little room for any doubt or negativity.