Breast Cancer Story

May 2007 i was diagnosed with G2 advanced Breast Cancer and i told it to get lost. A year on, i've had chemo, Radio, bilaeral mastectomy and am now on Herceptin and Hormone treatment. Good News is that i'm Cancer Free. For how long i don't know but in my

My Story - Wigs Galore
Flicking through the brochures I realised that the stigma attached to wigs was not as it used to be. Thankfully the days have gone that you could spot a wig from a mile away, always looking too thick and styled more for the older woman. I was amazed of how many different styles there were. Lee and I were picking out a couple that we liked and thought that I would suit; ready to try on in a few minutes time. We have picked out short styles and hopefully I will find one that will suit me.

My Story - First Chemo
Well here at long last! The day has arrived for my first chemo. I must admit these last couples of weeks have not been easy; I have had good days and I have had some low days, but overall the good have outweighed the bad considerably. The positive thoughts have come to the front of my mind more and more, which in turn has left very little room for any doubt or negativity.

Get in the pink . . . and raise money for people effected by breast cancer. . . October is Breast Cancer Care month and I would like all readers to get behind the campaign and make awareness of breast cancer. Let's start talking about it - to your mother, sister, daughter or friends. Breast Cancer Care asks us to get In the Pink to raise money for people affected by breast cancer. Friday 24 October is In the Pink day, but events can be heldthroughout the month.

My Story - Before The Chemo
I am giggling inside right now as I am reading my journal about Maureen while I was having my biopsies taken. There I was, laid on the coach and obviously because I am naturally nosey, I am looking down as they prepare me for my biopsies. My oncologist tells me to turn my face to the opposite side. "You don't want to see this, it's not nice to see," he said. I looked away towards Maureen. That day I learnt that Maureen is as nosey as me. Her face was an absolute picture . . .