Warmal Globing: The other side of global warming

A humorous look at global warming ideology. Problems in the science, and some of the more outrageous alarmist claims.

Jokes about global warming
Jokes about global warming from late-night television

Warmal Globing: a no-lose situation
One advantage held by global warming alarmists is the ability to blame every weather phenomenon on warming-- even cold weather!

Warmal Globing: Doesn't fit the story
Some stories stand as solid evidence that the global alarmists are- well, crazy!

Warmal Globing: Bozo science
They call this science? Studies used by global alarmists that are silly even to the layperson!

Warmal Globing: Contrary studies
There is an abundance of evidence that refutes the global alarmists-- What consensus?

Warmal Globing: The end of the world!
The more ridiculous claims for doom and destruction made by global warming alarmists.

Warmal Globing Newsfeeds
Studies that refute global warming, that you won't see in the mainstream media.

Warmal Globing: rude animals
Methane production from you-know-where causes global warming.

Warmal Globing Links
Links to sites that disagree with the consensus. Consensus? What consensus?