Love's Wicked Game

Author: Eddie Johnson Book: Romance Novel Cost: 8.99 Condition: New Book Description: Brad Williamson was a successful real estate investor. He had the perfect marriage until Helen Dougherty a past acquaintance re-emerged in his life. After, almost losing everything she seductively and wickedly contrived a scheme to gain it all back. "A woman's envy and desire to have a married man. This is a story of love told from a fresh perspective involving a wife with traditional values set in new era progressive America. Its a true to life fiction style novel derived from the Author: Eddie Johnson's vivid imagination depicting a journey in words of couples and relationships. Have you ever wondered how it would feel if you were on the receiving end of an adulterous relationship. This is a story of how men can let their ego give way to allowing infidelity to cause marital havoc when suddenly they forget their marriage vows. While it is told from a stand point of one afro centric male it could take place in any urban, rural or metro community throughout the world involving any ethnicities. If you enjoy stories of romance the author feels this is a new take on a romantic taboo escapad told from an entertaining point of view. Brad Williamson's attraction to Helen Dougherty once she sought him out was so strong, he couldn't help but pursue her to have as his mistress. "