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AoW Advances to the 2nd round of the wT Tournament!
The Art of Wii clan defeats Bravo Company 2-0 in the 1st round of the wT Tournament! Port 98-58 Village 110-100 Congratulations to the two MVPs, auchwitzGas and Gift! And of course, well played AoW!

AoW vs wP >>>>> Draw!
AoW had a close to epic clan match with wP today. The result was a draw. There were numerous redo's on the 3rd game and the last game ended up 84-84 resulting in a draw for this clan war. Good work, AoW and wP!

AoW wins in the rematch with HW!!!
Long time rival, the Honor's Wrath clan, recently evened up the HW-AoW rivalry w/ an untimely victory over AoW a few weeks ago. Today, the tie has been broken and AoW is leading over HW once again! Congratulations, AoW and this match's MVPs, auchwitzGas and Barricade!

AoW Advances to the Finals of the wT Tournament!
AoW advances to the finals of the wT tournament due to the Revs' forfeiting. Unfortunately AoW came extremely undermanned with the game continuing as a 4v8 game. The Revs started to TK their own team members when the score deficit became 30 against them. After that game, the Revs claimed they were just "fooling around" and that this was just a "friendly game". There was a debate between AoW and Revs about the outcome of the match and it was planned to be settled in the clan council. It all came down to whether AoW was going to be disqualified for being undermanned or a rematch/continuation. AoW, wT, MohFos, and PC voted in favor of a rematch/continuation while Revs and F5 voted for AoW to be disqualified. Obviously the rematch/continuation proposal won the vote. However, the Revs came down to the dramatic decision of dropping out of the tournament, which baffled some AoW members wanting a fair honorable rematch. Recognizing this as a win or not is controversial so the outcome of this match will be left to the reader's discretion. Good show to both AoW and Revs