David Soard

Elder Master David Soard has taught Shaolin Kung Fu in Colorado for many years. His wife Sharon Soard is also an Elder Master, and they share teaching duties between their Denver and Boulder Kung Fu Schools.

David Soard
David Soard is now on twitter, sharing political, kung fu, and vegan lifestyle links and thoughts.

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David Soard photostream, including pictures of his pets!

David Soard
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David Soard on twitter
David Soard, Vergan kungfu elder master on twitter

David Soard
We have been very pleased w/ not just the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, but also all the features. Just wish it was a bio-diesel!

David Soard: Shaolin Monks suffered harassment
Shaolin Monks experienced harassment, says David Soard of the Chinese Shaolin Center. Various Chinese rulers and other groups looked to minimize opposition or maximize tyranny through Chinese history, and came to be on opposite sites with the monks.

David Soard and Sharon Soard
Sharon, David and Ashley Soard share a farm with prairie dogs and other plains animals in Eastern Colorado.