Breast Cancer Story

Hi my name is Karen and this is my breast cancer story. Initially I started to write about my journey with breast cancer for my family and friends so they could get an understanding of how I truly felt from the inside. As my story progressed I thought it may be of help to others.

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My Breast Cancer Story
Welcome to My journey with Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer Story is dedicated to everyone for their unconditional love, patience and understanding

My Story / Introduction
- Introduction to my Breast Cancer Story of how my life changed in one instant, and how I battled with the disease and treatments

My Story / The Lump
The Lump - About the Lump in question, and how I was treated by the doctor who told me nothing was there and I was paranoid

My Story / Diagnosis
then my doctor said it! "Unfortunately this lump is nothing like the others. This lump is cancerous!" 'Bang' the bombshell had dropped

My Story / Coming To Terms
The main thing that I hang on to at this point is that breast cancer is one of the most curable cancers that there is

My Story / CT Scan
At last the day has arrived for my CT scan. This test should tell me if cancer has spread and to determine the size of the tumour

My Story / Results Are In
So the breast cancer’s contained in the breast then?\" he nodded and his face disappeared behind his huge grin again

My Story / Meeting My Oncologist
Both excited and nervous to meet the oncologist. Excited because I was now starting my path to surviving breast cancer. Nervous because this was to be the first part of my treatment.

My Story / First Hair Cut
In preparation for the chemo I have decided to take charge of my hair and have it cut short

My Story / Visiting the Family
The reason for the trip is that Lee and I feel that if my family could see me in the flesh, Face to Face they would see that I truly am coping with this cancer thing and not hiding behind a phone.

My Story / Before The Chemo
I am now ready and raring to go. Friday is set to be the start of the eviction process of my unwanted squatters.

FunRaising/Vicki Chitty
Dontate To Print, Fundraiser for St Wilfrids Hospice in West Sussex

My Story / Very First Chemo
All in all my first chemo went very well and was not as bad as I had expected. I know now for definite that I can do this

My Story / Wigs Galore
I started to panic; What If I can’t find one that suits me? What if people laugh at me and stare because of a stupid wig.

My Story / Chemo Side Effects
My Oncologist had told me that with my first chemo I shouldn’t really experience many side effects; these would mainly be the hair loss and tiredness, with the tiredness increasingly getting worse over time

My Story / Hair Changes & Second Cut
I have noticed that my hair is becoming very dry. It’s not coming out yet, I know as I am constantly pulling at it and giving it little tugs to make sure that it is still intact

My Story / Lee\'s Side Effects
It all started with him losing his appetite because he’s feeling; in his word ‘a bit icky’

My Story / Shedding, Falling & Gone
Exactly 2 weeks since my first chemo and getting ready for work, during the process of trying to style my hair. I finished up in rather a mess

My Story / Embarrassing & Fun Times
my whole head was nearly revealed to the world outside as I got my wig trapped in the car door, the wig did a full 360 degree turn

My Story / Bloods & Oncologist Before 2nd Chemo
Before I can have my second lot of chemo I have to visit my oncologist and I am quite excited about going. You see I think the lump as actually shrunk and quite a bit too.

My Story / Second Chemo
I have the same feeling as last time, the dizzy drunken feeling and do feel a little flushed but again I feel great and very pleased of how it has gone.

My Story / Gynaecology
It was like having de-jar-vous. ‘Ooh! There it is’. The nurse smiled at me and agreed. She told me that it could just be a normal cyst or a dermoid which are usually benign

My Story / Night Out
No matter how much I tried to enjoy myself I couldn\'t I just want to close my eyes and go to sleep

My Story / The Weeks Ahead
I’m not feeling part of the team at work now, am I imagining it?. Maybe it is me, maybe it’s because I have changed, I’m not the normal lively bubbly person at the moment, I’m tired and no matter how hard I try I cannot get this cancer thing out of my head, Is that what it is? No one really wants to know about the cancer.

My Story / Bloods & Oncologist Before 3rd Chemo
I looked down to where my oncologist was holding his little measuring device. “Has it shrunk again?” I asked him. He smiled “50 x 40mm now it is still shrinking

My Story / Bath Time !
“Are you flushing again” Lee broke my thoughts. “Yeah” I replied “Aargh” I screamed. Lee was laughing uncontrollably now as he had poured a jug of iced cold water over the top of my bald shiny head

My Story / To Sleep or Not To Sleep
I had a feeling of being wrapped up in fluffy soft feathers that were protecting me and keeping me warm. Where was I? I was floating; floating on fluffy white clouds and the sun was shining warmly down on me.

My Story / Cancer & Work !
I walked into the office at 8:37 “Sorry I’m late” I said. I couldn’t believe what I saw; the look that I got from Elsa. Her eyes just glared at me, her whole facial expression was of disapproval. She shrugged her shoulders and quickly looked away from me. I so much wanted to say something to her, I heard a little voice “Are you alright Karen” I looked round, it was Julie; the only person to acknowledge me.

My Story / Whey Hey, Mums Coming
I felt so happy this morning, still tired but happy. Happy because; a) I don’t have to go into work today. b) My mum is coming to stay and c) That was the second night in a row that I’d had a full night of undisturbed sleep.

Media / Doncaster Free Press
FORMER beauty queen is hoping to inspire others with her story of how she is battling breast cancer

Media / Nottingham Evening Post
Karen Roberts was diagnosed with breast cancer last year - now she is struggling to pay her winter fuel bills. November 21st, 2008

Media / Central News
Cancer victims struggling to pay fuel bills.....Financial worries are the biggest stress factor for patients

Media / Sunday Express
Blogging On, S Magazine . . .Cancer opens your eyes and in lots of ways I have a better life that I did before. I appreciate things more.

Media / Nottingham Post
Journal of Karen\'s battle helps others to face cancer\r\nTODAY is World Cancer Day, and Karen Goodwin will be marking it by updating the online journal documenting her battle against the condition

Fund Raising / Race For Life 2008
Sister-in-Law (Kerry Evans) at last has now completed her Race for Life at the Doncaster Town Fields

Fund Raising / Race For Life 2009
Please Please, do the Race For Life and help find the Cure !!!

Fund Raising / Lyke Wake Walk 2008
The Lyke Wake Walk is a complete crossing of the North Yorkshire Moors

Fund Raising / Race For Life 2010
I would recommend anyone to do the Race for Life. Over all we raised a staggering £1709.00 for Cancer Research UK

Fund Raising / Chemo Courage & Corsetry Calendar
As part of Breast Cancer Awareness month, 18 courageous women from all over the UK including myself have come together to create a special 18 month A3 size quality calendar

Fund Raising / Race For Life 2011
Dedicated to 3 very dear friends of mine who have lost thier battle to breast cancer.\r\n

Fund Raising / Life-Climb
I have decided to do some scrambling in Snowdon on 2nd September 2011, for Macmillan Cancer Support...This is a serious mountain route with some challenging sections.\r\n

Fund Raising / Life-Climb Diary
Run up to the Snowdon trek for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Links/Love And Support Are Priceless
Guest Post By: David Haas Love and support are priceless commodities, especially for cancer patients

My Story/Talking To My Journal
My journal doesn\'t ridicule me, it doesn\'t judge or make fun, it just lays there quiet and listens

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My Story / Thrid Chemo
Today it took over 6 hours to give me my 2 hour treatment...

My Story / It\'s My Birthday
I wore a new top with a bandana of similar colours topped off with a little straw hat that I’d even trimmed my some ribbon

My Story / Tiredness & Dreams
I am so tired but these damn steroids won’t let me sleep..I tossed and turned most of the night

My Story / Feeling Iffy
87. I started to cry. ‘I can’t do this, Why me? I don’t like this, what have I done so wrong to deserve this? Mam, Lee’ I whimpered. I lay on the floor for some time sniveling like a child

My Story / Work & Finances
Struggling with work due to the tiredness, but I can\'t go on sick because I can\'t afford too

My Story / Is Work Too Much!
I was tired but I just couldn’t face going into work and sit there frightened to death that Elsa would say something out of order. I was tired of it now...

My Story / Bloods & Oncologist Before 4th Chemo
93. Karen, you should seriously think about going onto sick leave now until after your treatment is finished” Tessa my nurse told me.“I can’t Tessa” I sobbed “I can’t afford to go on sick

My Story / To Chemo or Not to Chemo !
You were gone for a good 5 minutes” She said “Your poor nurse started to get a bit panicky especially when your lips started to go blue and you started convulsing

My Story / Actual Chemo Day
97. Giving myself a great big pat on the back.You go girl, you are half way there.I have finished the first phase, the last of the ‘Red Devil’ Whey hey no more pink wee

My Story / Sexual Intimacy & Communication
99. I didn’t know whether to openly write about the sexual side of things, as these are things that should be kept private between a couple, but from reading back in my journal I think it is a necessity to do so,

My Story / Mind Over Matter
101. If you expect that the chemo will cause nausea and vomiting, your mind will convince your body so much that the nausea and vomiting will happen that it actually will

My Story / My Grandad
103. something suddenly came over me; without any warning to Lee I jumped ahead and turned round to face the picture of my grandad on the headstone saying “Ta daaa, do you like my hair”

My Story / A Busy Week
105. Laughter is the best medicine and its totally free! Through all the laughter that has been created I haven’t had time to feel ill from the chemo.

My Story / Excitement Over The Little Things
107. I answered yelling down the phone “I’ve got Hair! Lee I’ve got Hair!”Lee started to laugh “Why have you coughed up a fir ball or something?” He said

My Story / I Have Spare Time
109. Waking in the morning is a totally new experience for me now.I am waking up when my body is ready, and not when my alarm clock or anyone tells me too

My Story / Worrying About Finances
111. I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a state about finances. I am worrying of how Lee and I are going to cope now that I have gone onto sick leave.

My Story / Fifth Chemo Mess Up !
113. I had been sat there for 6 hours, my arse was numb, I was high on steroids and I was now so annoyed..No chemo Today

My Story / Fifth Chemo
115. The time was 9pm. Excluding the hour of waiting to get started the whole chemo took 6hrs, bit of a difference to it being a 4hr infusion that they had told me.

My Story / Doggies But Which One ?
Dog Rescue Centre’s ‘is what I typed into the search engine. Yeahhh are plans for later today, was to go start our dog hunting

My Story / How Tired Can One Get ?
119. To move my little finger hurts, to move my toe, it hurts, to lift my head up, well it doesn’t hurt it just feels like it going to fall off and go rolling across the floor as there seems to be no strength in my neck

My Story / Full Body Bone Scan
For the scan to do my whole body took just under an hour. An hour of trying to keep still. The good news though is that I made it through the long drawn out process. The only thing that makes it seem bad is our warped imaginations

My Story / Welcome Home Max !
Poor little Max had been abused and neglected by his previous owners, they had been left outside in all weathers and had miss treated so badly that the dog warden after giving them warnings took Max out of their garden while they were out

My Story / Talks About Surgery
Today I have at last an appointment to discuss my mastectomy and reconstruction. The day that I have been so longing for is nearly approaching and I will then at last have the remaining cancer cut out of my body

My Story / Six Down, Two To Go !
I’m tired now, I want it to stop” I said still trying to hold back the tears. Lee bent forward and wrapped his arms around me. “You’re nearly there now, just think, only 2 more after today, in 4 wks you will be walking out of that door for the last time

Which Reconstructon For Me!
Why was no one listening to me? I couldn’t stop the tears, the more I tried to convince them what I want, the more frustrated I became, they just wouldn’t listen