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I am Surender Singh Latwal, working as a Search Engine Optimizer (SEO). Entertainment Media is my blog where i wrote something on some topics.

Vote for Asha Bhosle to make her the no. 1 artist at CNN\'s new arts and culture show \"icon\"
CNN\'s new arts and culture show \"icon\" in conjunction with music magazine \"songlines,\" has shortlisted 20 globally renowned musicians from the past 50 years. Asha Bhosle is one of the 20 globally renowned musicians.

Laziness should be treated as a \'Disease\'
Laziness is a mental stage. People want to remove the laziness but their minds do not allow them to do any work. They want to get their work done by other people. Actually laziness starts in the mind and finishes in the body.

Are women better parents than men?
It is not logical to say that women are better parents than men. We know about the love of a mother to her child. It is incomparable. But many fields are there where a child needs its father. We cannot compare the love of mother to her child but without its father\'s love, a child feels insecure.

Social Networking Sites have become advertising shops
Actually Social Networking Sites are advertising shops because in social networking sites, people try to increase their circle of friends or network and try to become more popular and always want to be connected with their friends. Companies also do same thing, in trying to promote themselves, increasing its customers or sales etc. and always want to be connected with its customers.

Role of Media in the moulding of youth
Media plays a very important role in our everyday lives and has a very strong influence in the moulding of youth. Media also has a strong influence on moulding the Youth as a social category. Examples of media are newspapers, television, radio, Internet and magazines.

Competitions encourage or discourage our self confidence
Competition can encourage our self confidence and even discourage it. It depends on us and our knowledge how we handle the situation or competition. We should always keep participating in competition, we cannot live with fear of defeat or fear of discourage of self confidence. We should always do hard work and think positively.