The Mighty Pen Project

The Mighty Pen Project: Life Stories and Empowering Poems presents the various written works created by the author. It includes articles, poems, and blog posts. It contains life stories and poetry that focus on the theme becoming a better and more effective person. The ideas for the articles and poems came to the author as he embarked on a life changing mission of adopting a more effective mental, emotional and behavioral approach to overcome the challenges of achieving his goals in life.

My Creative Works
Over the years, I have created a number of media forms that I have posted in various blogs and hosting sites. I have created this site to show some of them and also to learn how Google Sites works.

Engaging and Defeating the Forces of Destiny
Many people believe in destiny. They argue that once a person is born into this world, the way that his life is going to unfold is already determined. Indeed, we see children following closely the footsteps of their parents. Children of parents who are doctors will most likely start a career in medicine. We see parallelism in the fates of the parents and their children and so we come to believe the folk tale that one\'s destiny has already been decided and nothing in this world can ever change it.

So Sad
There was once a beautiful girl who married a handsome man and they had two sons. It was not clear what happened but the husband soon died, leaving the woman to support her two sons. I cannot say what kind of a person the husband was for I have only seen him in old photographs.

The Joys of Getting Old
Getting old has something of a negative connotation. People would like to stay young forever and would want endless experience of excitement on doing new things and relishing the freedom from being under the control of their parents as children. Being physically strong and in the prime of youth, one isn\'t likely to think of death or other misfortunes that can befall you.

A Long and Difficult Journey toward a Strong Personal Identity
The need to forge a stronger personal identity comes to persons who have lived with low self-esteem all their life and who want to effect a change in their character and behavior in order to become a better person. These persons have typically come to know of an alternative way of thinking and behaving that is more in tune with their desire to achieve their goals in the different aspects of their life. They have come to realize that it would be difficult if not impossible to realize their dreams without effecting changes in the whole make-up of their personality first.

Reflections on the Golden Rule
"Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you." This guideline to human behavior is as old as the sea. But it remains relevant as when it was first articulated a very long time ago. Today, almost nobody applies it anymore in their day to day lives. It seems that it has been conveniently forgotten. A lot of conflicts in human relationships could be avoided if people would reference it before an action that can affect others is executed.

A Belief System Shaken Twice in a Lifetime
I know of a man whose belief system had been shaken twice in his lifetime. He is now struggling to make ends meet and living by the generosity of his family. He is earning just a little to satisfy the basic necessities of life, yet he has a deep satisfaction of what became of him, being a more empowered person who has an intact self-respect.

How One Becomes a Writer
If you ask a writer how he became one, you probably would get a unique answer for every one that you ask. Each writer is born to a unique learning environment where his mental and emotional development is allowed to grow. While circumstances differ, one could probably find a pattern or set of conditions that permits a person\'s writing skills to be developed.

The People that you Need to Forgive
There are persons who have had many sad and difficult experiences with other people that they develop a generalized hatred for the world in general. This is completely without any solid basis for if you count the number of people that you are grateful for, you will find that they are a lot more than those who gave you sad and unforgettable experiences. The world is indeed a better place than you probably have imagined.

Whisper my Song to the Wind
Whisper your pain to the wind Let the air heal the wounds of your past hurt. Whisper your cares to the wind Let the breeze blow your doubts away. Whisper your wish to the wind So the gods may know which road to clear.

Weep Silently As I Go
Weep silently as I go away, For I cannot take you where I am going.

The Power of Now
Today is the perfect time To launch your grand design Not tomorrow or another time But at this moment now.

In Praise of Writers
Many are chosen to create the new inhabitants of the earth. Men are called to defend our freedom. Women are tasked to educate our children. Some create monuments to the human spirit.

You're Special
God made you different From all other people So the world would not be boring But instead will be interesting.

Learn to Say No
You have been such a kind and wonderful fellow all your life. People have learned how to exploit and abuse you. It is time that this madness is put to a stop. Don't say yes to everyone, anyplace, anytime.

Don't Say You Love Me
Don't say you love me a thousand times. For words lose their meaning when repeatedly said. Instead do good things to me and don't talk about them. For those that are not said and done are far more important.

Blog Posts
Excerpts of the various old blog posts written by the author.

Short Takes
A few short articles written by the author.

Before You Leave
Please take with you the following inspirational quote.

Find a Good Enough Reason on which to Anchor Belief in Yourself
One of the major reasons why shy or timid people tend to be unsuccessful is their low self-esteem that prevents them from taking enough risks. As a result, they tend to have a relatively low achievement level when compared with others who think of themselves better.

The Great Person that you have become
You have come a long way, and there is no turning back. After years of painstaking change process that involved behavioral and mental components, you have finally reached a point when you can honestly say that you have arrived. You are a changed person now and you feel happy about it. When you are asked to talk about yourself, these are the things that you can say about your beliefs, attitudes and behavior.

What are the most Important Things in Life?
Knowing what\'s important and what is not can help you manage your limited resources to ensure that the most critical components of your existence receive the most of your attention. It can make it easier for you to decide on which activities you should spend most of your time and talents on. It will also enable you to save precious resources from being spent on things that do not matter.

If Only He Knew
He walks among the multitude Thinking he was just an ordinary man.

Leave a Little Love in your Heart
When all that is left is hatred When evil seems to hound you from everywhere When kindness is seen as weakness Thicken your skin with numbness Cover your body with armor Secure the few things that you have.

High up on a tree a nest is built Where the eggs of new birds will be laid The eggs will hatch and their parents Will go out and search for food for the birdlings.

What Writing Can Do
When things are not what they should be And you can\'t tell what next will happen When you\'re at your wits end When none at all seems to be working.

A Cowardly Scheme
Avoid becoming a victim to a cowardly scheme designed to eliminate you by putting you in a no-win situation and letting someone else kill you

Repetitive Dream Theme may Uncover Hidden Childhood Trauma
Have you ever had a dream theme that occurs many times over? I have had a lot of dream episodes that center on a main theme and wondered why this mental event occurs.

Being Kind to Others Exposes you to Abuse by Low-lifes
Are you a kind person who has the habit of doing a good turn to others whenever and wherever? If you are, you are unwittingly making yourself a victim to abuse by low-lifes.

The Secret Wish
From every victim goes a secret wish that hovers firmly in the atmosphere.

Broken But Not Beaten
Though the world as you know it has crumbled, though the dream that you have known had been shattered....