12-Pack Inflatable Rock Star Electric Guitar: More than a Toy

The scene: In a couple of days, your little bundle of joy is turning a year older. You have everything ready – oh, wait; you still need some rock star inspired party favors and some for decorations. Your time is running out and you have been searching high and low for that perfect piece that would complete your rock star kiddie party! Fret not mommy and see what we have in store for you. With Cheap Games and Toys for Kids, you will surely find more than what you have clicked on. With an assortment of fun, interactive and educational toys, your kids will have the best childhood a kid could ever want. Not to mention, one memorable birthday party at that! Introducing our 12-Pack Inflatable Rock Star Electric Guitar. It is not only inflatable; it could easily slip inside a loot bag. Only 22” in height, any kid could hold onto it without worries. More so, with its assortment of colorful electric guitars, you are sure to have the loudest cheers from your little guests – and their parents too. You could use and give them as a party favor during games or as a distinctive wall décor, this amazing pack is easy on the budget as it is easy on the kids. Worried it might be torn and easily broken in pieces? Fear not as each piece is made from sturdy plastic materials that could outlast even the tightest grip from your little guests. Once inflated, you will not run out of possibilities for its usage. Come up with an on-the-spot band contest amongst the kids as they happily strum the night away with their own electric guitar or you can have an impromptu family band contest – mommies and daddies included! Indeed, it is more than just a toy – it speaks forth of a bond that would help enrich your kids’ childhood memories! In addition, it could easily be stored. Deflate and keep, that’s how you are with these. No need to rummage through stacks and piles of junks when you want to re-use them. Have them safely tucked in a box in your attic or storage room and viola!, it is there when you need them – inflate and you are ready to go. Cheap Games and Toys for Kids is indeed your one stop shop. You need not go through stacks of brochures or listen to telemarketing people when all you need is just a click of a finger away. No more wasted time when you could have done something else. All you need to do is connect to the World Wide Web, browse through our online brochure, and imagine your kids enjoying as they play and learn at the same time. What are you waiting for? Place your orders now and have that extra time to pamper yourself before the big day!