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Hypnotherapy in General As stated in Wikipedia, Hypnotherapy SA is a type of psychotherapy wherein the professional delves into the patient’s unconscious mind and attempts to resolve the problem through hypnosis. Furthermore, it is an alternative form of medicine, which does not involve invasive procedures like those performed inside a hospital’s operating room. Jane Fielder and her Hypnotherapy Approach Nowadays, there are countless of hypnotherapists but only a few are licensed and credible. On the other hand, credibility for Jane Fielder is no longer an issue. Viewing the testimonial section on her website, janefielderconsulting.com.au, any individual can immediately conclude that Jane Fielder has aided so many. One anonymous client expressed her gratitude, “Thanks for helping my daughter regain her focus and confidence for her gymnastics competition. From being fearful from getting up on the beam she now goes up confidently and was number one overall winner.” This statement posts as a guarantee of how effective Jane Fielder’s hypnotherapy Adelaide is. One reason why Jane Fielder’s reputation reached across the globe is her focus on the main problems that most people are experiencing today. This includes smoking and obesity which are extremely arduous to overcome. Quit Smoking Breakthrough Program Although there are several smokers today who want to get rid of the bad habit, only a minimal percentage amongst them meet their goals to eliminate smoking permanently. Those who failed cannot be blamed though. According to Jane Fielder and other health care professionals, avoiding cigarettes is like telling him or her to hold his breath. Despite that, Jane Fielder easily found a way to relinquish smoking without any side effects. The quit smoking hypnotherapy Adelaide approach of Jane Fielder is unparalleled. With her Quit Smoking Breakthrough Program, hypnosis is used to suppress smoking until it will be totally removed from a person’s lifestyle. Jane Fielder gives an assurance that the clients will experience no side effects or any withdrawal symptoms. Change Your Mind, Change Your Life The Change Your Mind, Change Your Life Program is addressed to individuals who are mentally and physically affected with their everyday lives. Through this, Jane Fielder aims to eliminate the main problems of employment, discover strengths to attain goals, apply stress management skills and learn to embark on solutions instead of worrying about the problems. Virtual Gastric Band Obesity is a major problem not only in Australia but in America and other countries as well. But Jane Fielder believes that surgical and risky procedures are unnecessary since there is the power of weight loss hypnotherapy Adelaide(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYyP8j3MI4M). The virtual gastric band uses hypnotherapy to send a message to the brain and inform the stomach regarding its fullness. This eliminates more food intake and eventually leads to a healthy weight loss procedure. Jane Fielder is a licensed hypnotherapist who has already helped a number of clients. Without any risks and side effects from her hypnotherapy sessions, it is undeniable that her chosen method is extremely beneficial to individuals especially those who have smoking and weight problems. For those who want to get a glimpse of what Jane Fielder Consulting can offer, take the first step. Visit her website at www.janefielderconsulting.com.au.