Calls Philippines - A Great Business Opportunity For International BPO Companies

Technology today had made revolutionized the world. Using our smart phones, we now have access to unlimited information all of which were revolutionized because of communication. Better communication had been the core reason why scientist, engineers and programmers are constantly at work. It is for better communication that made the Internet, the mobile phone and other devices that we use today. Using concepts from Nikola Tesla’s research on radio waves and communications, Guglielmo Marconi was able to send the first transatlantic message. From then on, society had been looking for ways to effectively communicate with each other even on long distances. Alexander Graham Bell invented the first practical telephone by converting sound waves to radio waves and with the receiver being able to hear and properly communicate on the other end. They wanted to make something lightweight, easy to use and portable. This idea was then conceptualized by Motorola with their first mobile phone in 1983. We thought that calling cannot get any better within the 90’s and yet it further improved as humanity welcome the early 2000’s. Using the Internet, people can now make phone calls by converting analog data to “bits”, therefore converting them to digital information which then passes through the World Wide Web, all the way to the receiver. Today, society had enjoyed a myriad of benefits in communication because of these innovations in technology from simple phone calls and messages. We had bridged the gap within society using telecommunications and advanced technology. With the innovations that we have, we can say that we are the future that our ancestors have dreamed of. Calls Philippines and the BPO industry The Philippines had been named as one of the top countries for business process outsourcing or BPO. International companies from India, UK and the US have great investments in the BPO industry in the Philippines. Because of our cheap manpower services and versatile employees, BPO companies are now making good business and further expanding with our help. Among the biggest jobs in the BPO industry are customer service, outbound sales agents and technical support representatives for companies such as ComCast, AT&T, Hewlett Packard Company, and many other big-time companies around the world. 1-800 calls in the US are rerouted to call Philippines to get in touch with the next available representative in line. This technology is made possible through the use of VoIP or Voice over Internet protocol which translates analog telephone calls to digital information and is then passed through the Internet and received here as a voice call. Specialized handsets are then used to interpret this information and enabling proper communication between the caller and the representative. The same concept is also applied for outbound calls Philippines for business to business or business consumer marketing campaigns i.e. telemarketing. Handsets that are hooked up to the Internet translate analog data and transfer them to the designated number on the other end. This innovation is easier to use, less interruptions and are significantly cheaper compared to analog to analog service. In many ways, technology and telecommunications had helped the Philippines in many ways other than getting in touch with your peers. Even from a simple phone call, Philippines are thankful for the many innovations that are predecessors have discovered to make all of these possible for us.